Rhumer is a freelance Dramaturg and theatre critic based in Brisbane, Australia.

Rhumer has worked as a freelance Dramaturg for Brisbane and Melbourne based playwrights, the Stan Dup Ensemble’s DIY Festival, the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble, and UQ Drama’s Headcase (2014). She has also worked as an Assistant Dramaturg, alongside her mentor Kathryn Kelly, on Krystal Sweedman’s Sunnytown (2015), A to Z Theatre’s production of Wallace Shawn’s The Fever (2015), and Vena Cava’s Productions’ 2015 Development Program. In the past year Rhumer has reviewed for XS Entertainment, the Anywherefestival 2015 , and on her own reviewer site downstagediscernments.wordpress.com. She also has experience in Stage Management, Front of House, Lighting Operation, and performance.

Rhumer has a Bachelor of Arts with an Extended Major in Drama at the University of Queensland, writing her Honours thesis on post-millennial playwriting methodologies in Australian Gothic theatre.

To find out more or get in contact with Rhumer please follow her on Facebook or send her an email at rhumerdiball@yahoo.com.au


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