Velvet Helmet’s Space Oddities.

Spectacular Space Oddities! Velvet Helmet beam their way into Brisbane’s heart with an intergalactic lineup of acts that cross all kinds of creative light years. Hosted by the hilarious Galaxy Choir, Space Oddities transformed the New Globe theatre into an all-inclusive nebula filled with act after act that was out of this world.


Caliope Kinque brought a little bit of Rocky Horror science fiction to Velvet Helmet’s late night quadruple feature scifi show. With a sultry demeanor and a pair of red cheeky lips Calliope definitely wound up the New Globe audience for the fun night ahead.


Next came Black Fox Theatre. What started out with a questionable monologue introduction to the collective’s act became an intriguing take on the “missing women” through science’s history. From perky fun facts to stories of frustration and oppression, three women and a narrator-type man looped scenarios of women being silenced, unappreciated and masked by the more recognised accomplishments of “man”. Even in the funniest of moments the audience was shown the struggles women have had to overcome all in the name of science. This theme threaded its way through half a dozen examples of science themed scenarios, concluding with an uplifting cry of empowerment.


The Dixieland Dames continued the audience’s dose of female scifi empowerment with a sexy all-woman rendition of Men in Black. Kimmi Doll and Clara Net worked the stage and their outfits from the black shades and suits right down to their sparkly corsets and matching tassels. Completing their act with a flash of light to blank our memory these Dames adapted the film with just the right amount of taste to leave us in need of some pie to calm our nerves.


The Retrofuturists brought us into a multidimensional timescape with outdated technology covering their bodies and their tragic story of a fractured journey home. Through tribal songs of unleashing the Phoenix and a ballad that would definitely bring a trapped time traveller to tears, I felt mighty selfish wishing that the Retrofuturists would settle in to our current millennium so that we could claim their spectacle performances and loveable ostracised existence as one of our own.


The Viola Cloning Project was absolutely mesmirising. When the projection begun and the electric violin chimed in I felt the night’s quirky mood slowly slip away and a more adventurous atmosphere creep its way in. While the film itself was interesting on its own, Richard Grantham’s magical score played on a dark and textured Viola made it hard to focus on the film projection. With such a powerful mood and soundscape bursting from a seriously underrated instrument The Viola Cloning Project brought some intergalactic intensity to the Space Oddities evening.


Despite a lineup of diverse and dramatic acts, it was The Architects Of Sound who stole the Space Oddities show. With a hilarious set list, black turtlenecks and a charming arrogance (projected through whispered voices into microphones) the ‘sound architect’ trio turned the Space Oddities event into an out-of-this-world music experience. To top off their dead pan deliveries and fantastically awkward dance moves the sound architect trio stripped off their black turtleneck and leggings combo to reveal identical white costumes all in the name of fashion. With songs about dial up con connection, tennis, mermaid abuse and a fashion catwalk the music group used their futuristic “independent alternative electronic trash” sound to navigate into our science fiction wavelengths.



– Written by Rhumer Diball June 17th 2015

WED 10 JUNE 2015.

Photo credit Stephen Sloggett.

For more information on Velvet Helmet and their monthly events you can view their Facebook page here, or their wordpress here.Upcoming Velvet Helmet Events:
July 15th – A Mid-winter’s Night Dream – A surrealist, Gothic daydream of Shakespearean grandeur.

August 12th – A Carnival of Unearthly Creatures – Smack bang in the middle of Ekka week (on the public holiday), this is the alternate to the homogenized entertainments on offer elsewhere. Especially seeking magicians, contortionists, mind-readers, dance pieces, vaudevillians and the like. All our events are over-18’s, but this one is especially adults-only.


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